2023–24 KNVB Cup

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KNVB Cup trophy
Tournament details
Venue(s)De Kuip, Rotterdam
Dates12 August 2023 – 21 April 2024
Defending championsPSV
Final positions
ChampionsFeyenoord (14th title)
Tournament statistics
Top goal scorer(s)Kornelius Normann Hansen (5 goals)

The 2023–24 KNVB Cup, for sponsoring reasons officially called the TOTO KNVB Beker, was the 106th season of the annual Dutch national football cup competition. It began in August with the first of two preliminary rounds, and concluded in April 2024 with the final played at De Kuip in Rotterdam. The winners qualified for the 2024–25 UEFA Europa League league stage. PSV were the two-time defending champions, having defeated Ajax 3–2 on penalties after a 1–1 draw in the previous season's final.

Feyenoord won the cup (their fourteenth cup win) on 21 April 2024, defeating NEC 1–0 in the final. Since they qualified based on league position, the Europa League spot from the cup was passed to the fourth-placed team of the 2023–24 Eredivisie.


Round Draw Match Dates
First preliminary round 4 July 2023 12–13 August 2023
Second preliminary round 15 August 2023 19–20 September 2023
First round 23 September 2023 31 October – 2 November 2023
Second round 4 November 2023 19–21 December 2023
Round of 16 21 December 2023 16–18 January 2024
Quarter-finals 20 January 2024 6–8 February 2024
Semi-finals 10 February 2024 27–29 February 2024
Final 21 April 2024

First preliminary round

BVV Barendrecht v SC Genemuiden
12 August 2023 BVV Barendrecht 2–1SC GenemuidenBarendrecht
14:30 CEST Report Stadium: Stadion Woudestein
VV Eemdijk v VV Bunde
12 August 2023 VV Eemdijk 5–0VV BundeBunschoten
14:30 CEST Stadium: De Vinken
HSV Hoek v SteDoCo
12 August 2023 HSV Hoek 3–2SteDoCoHoek
14:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Denoek
SV Nieuwkoop v RKAV Volendam
12 August 2023 SV Nieuwkoop0–2 RKAV Volendam Nieuwkoop
14:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Dulen
VV SJC v SV Bon Boys
12 August 2023 VV SJC 2–1 (a.e.t.)SV Bon BoysNoordwijk
14:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark SJC
Blauw Geel '38 v SVOD '22
12 August 2023 Blauw Geel '38 5–1SVOD '22Veghel
15:00 CEST Stadium: Prins Willem Alexander Sportpark
CSV Apeldoorn v ODIN '59
12 August 2023 CSV Apeldoorn 1–0 (a.e.t.)ODIN '59Apeldoorn
15:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Orderbos
DVS '33 v SV Urk
12 August 2023 DVS '33 1–0SV UrkErmelo
15:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Zuid
IJsselmeervogels v TOGB
12 August 2023 IJsselmeervogels 2–1TOGBSpakenburg
15:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Westmaat
VV Kloetinge v CSV BOL
12 August 2023 VV Kloetinge 6–0CSV BOLKloetinge
15:00 CEST Stadium: Wesselopark
Sparta Nijkerk v ONS Sneek
12 August 2023 Sparta Nijkerk 2–0ONS SneekNijkerk
15:00 CEST Stadium: De Ebbenhorst
12 August 2023 SV TEC 1–1 (a.e.t.)
(3–2 p)
15:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Lok
VVSB v FC Rijnvogels
12 August 2023 VVSB 3–3 (a.e.t.)
(4–3 p)
FC RijnvogelsNoordwijkerhout
15:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Boekhorst
SV AWC v Staphorst
12 August 2023 SV AWC1–2 Staphorst Wijchen
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Wijchert
AGB v Olde Veste
12 August 2023 AGB1–2 Olde Veste Amsterdam
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Ookmeer
12 August 2023 RKVV DEM 1–0 (a.e.t.)XerxesDZBBeverwijk
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Adrichem
GVV Unitas v Blauw Wit '34
12 August 2023 GVV Unitas 4–0Blauw Wit '34Gorinchem
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Molenvliet
HSC '21 v Harkemase Boys
12 August 2023 HSC '213–4 (a.e.t.) Harkemase Boys Haaksbergen
17:00 CEST Stadium: Groot Scholtenhagen
VPV Purmersteijn v Sportlust '46
12 August 2023 VPV Purmersteijn0–2 Sportlust '46 Purmerend
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Purmersteijn
USV Hercules v VV Berkum
12 August 2023 USV Hercules 2–1VV BerkumUtrecht
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Voordorp
Veensche Boys v HVCH
12 August 2023 Veensche Boys1–2 HVCH Nijkerkerveen
17:00 CEST Stadium: Sportvereniging Veensche Boys
VV Baronie v VV Hoogeveen
12 August 2023 VV Baronie0–1 VV Hoogeveen Breda
18:00 CEST Stadium: De Blauwe Kei
RKVV Zwaluw VFC v VV Scherpenzeel
12 August 2023 RKVV Zwaluw VFC1–5 VV Scherpenzeel Vught
18:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Bergenshuizen
OJC Rosmalen v Oss '20
12 August 2023 OJC Rosmalen 5–1Oss '20Rosmalen
18:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Groote Wielen
Avanti '31 v SV Meerssen
13 August 2023 Avanti '310–3 SV Meerssen Schijndel
14:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Molenheide
VV Jubbega v VV UNA
13 August 2023 VV Jubbega3–5 (a.e.t.) VV UNA Jubbega
14:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark it Heidefjild
RKVV Westlandia v Quick 1888
13 August 2023 RKVV Westlandia 3–1Quick 1888Naaldwijk
14:00 CEST Stadium: De Hoge Bomen
RKSV Groene Ster v RKSV Groen Wit
13 August 2023 RKSV Groene Ster 6–0RKSV Groen WitHeerlerheide
14:30 CEST Stadium: Pronsebroek
Kampong v VV Gemert
13 August 2023 Kampong2–4 VV Gemert Utrecht
14:30 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Maarschalkerweerd
RKSV Nuenen v VV Chevremont
13 August 2023 RKSV Nuenen 4–2VV ChevremontNuenen
14:30 CEST Stadium: Oude Landen

Second preliminary round

SV Spakenburg v VV Scherpenzeel
19 September 2023 SV Spakenburg 1–0VV ScherpenzeelBunschoten
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Westmaat
SVV Scheveningen v HSV Hoek
19 September 2023 SVV Scheveningen 2–1HSV HoekScheveningen
20:00 CEST Stadium: Houtrust Scheveningen
RKVV DEM v Sportlust '46
19 September 2023 RKVV DEM 3–1Sportlust '46Beverwijk
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Adrichem
GVVV v BVV Barendrecht
19 September 2023 GVVV 5–2BVV BarendrechtVeenendaal
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Panhuis
CSV Apeldoorn v OJC Rosmalen
19 September 2023 CSV Apeldoorn1–3 OJC Rosmalen Apeldoorn
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Orderbos
VV Eemdijk v Harkemase Boys
19 September 2023 VV Eemdijk 3–2Harkemase BoysBunschoten
20:00 CEST Stadium: De Vinken
Sparta Nijkerk v GVV Unitas
19 September 2023 Sparta Nijkerk 4–2GVV UnitasNijkerk
20:00 CEST Stadium: De Ebbenhorst
d'Olde Veste v VV Noordwijk
19 September 2023 d'Olde Veste0–2 VV Noordwijk Steenwijk
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Parallelweg
DVS '33 v IJsselmeervogels
19 September 2023 DVS '33 0–2IJsselmeervogelsErmelo
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Zuid
RKAV Volendam v RKVV Westlandia
19 September 2023 RKAV Volendam 3–0RKVV WestlandiaVolendam
20:00 CEST Stadium: KWABO-stadion
20 September 2023 VVSB1–2 VV UNA Noordwijkerhout
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Boekhorst
SV TEC v SV Meerssen
20 September 2023 SV TEC 2–0SV MeerssenTiel
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Lok
RKSV Nuenen v Excelsior Maassluis
20 September 2023 RKSV Nuenen0–0 (a.e.t.)
(2–3 p)
Excelsior Maassluis Nuenen
20:00 CEST Stadium: Oude Landen
ACV v USV Hercules
20 September 2023 ACV1–5 USV Hercules Assen
20:00 CEST Stadium: Univé Sportpark
ADO '20 v Quick Boys
20 September 2023 ADO '200–1 Quick Boys Heemskerk
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Vlotter
VV SJC v VV Gemert
20 September 2023 VV SJC 0–0 (a.e.t.)
(4–3 p)
VV GemertNoordwijk
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark SJC
HVCH v De Treffers
20 September 2023 HVCH1–3 De Treffers Heesche
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark De Braaken
RKSV Groene Ster v Kozakken Boys
20 September 2023 RKSV Groene Ster 1–0Kozakken BoysHeerlerheide
20:00 CEST Stadium: Pronsebroek
FC Lisse v Blauw Geel '38
20 September 2023 FC Lisse 1–0Blauw Geel '38Lisse
20:00 CEST Stadium: Ter Specke
VV Hoogeveen v Staphorst
20 September 2023 VV Hoogeveen 3–0StaphorstHoogeveen
20:00 CEST Stadium: Sportpark Bentinckspark
VV Kloetinge v Koninklijke HFC
20 September 2023 VV Kloetinge1–3 Koninklijke HFC Kloetinge
20:00 CEST Stadium: Wesselopark

First round

In the first round, the 21 winners from the second preliminary round were joined by 4 other amateur clubs, the 16 clubs from the Eerste Divisie and 13 clubs from the Eredivisie. Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord, PSV and Twente automatically advanced to the second round due to their participation in European club competitions.

De Graafschap v Emmen
31 October 2023 De Graafschap 2–0EmmenDoetinchem
18:45 CET Report Stadium: De Vijverberg
De Treffers v VV UNA
31 October 2023 De Treffers 4–0VV UNAGroesbeek
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Zuid
RKSV Groene Ster v Vitesse
31 October 2023 RKSV Groene Ster0–1 Vitesse Heerlerheide
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Pronsebroek
GVVV v Telstar
31 October 2023 GVVV 1–0TelstarVeenendaal
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Panhuis
SC Heerenveen v VVV-Venlo
31 October 2023 SC Heerenveen 5–1VVV-VenloHeerenveen
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Abe Lenstra Stadion
Koninklijke HFC v Go Ahead Eagles
31 October 2023 Koninklijke HFC1–4 (a.e.t.) Go Ahead Eagles Haarlem
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Spanjaardslaan
FC Lisse v Dordrecht
31 October 2023 FC Lisse1–3 Dordrecht Lisse
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Ter Specke
VV Noordwijk v ADO Den Haag
31 October 2023 VV Noordwijk0–1 ADO Den Haag Noordwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Duinwetering
Quick Boys v NAC Breda
31 October 2023 Quick Boys 1–0NAC BredaKatwijk aan Zee
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Nieuw Zuid
OJC Rosmalen v Almere City
31 October 2023 OJC Rosmalen1–8 Almere City Rosmalen
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Groote Wielen
SV Spakenburg v Helmond Sport
31 October 2023 SV Spakenburg 3–1Helmond SportSpakenburg
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Westmaat
Utrecht v RKC Waalwijk
31 October 2023 Utrecht 3–2RKC WaalwijkUtrecht
21:00 CET Report Stadium: Stadion Galgenwaard
HHC Hardenberg v Heracles Almelo
1 November 2023 HHC Hardenberg 2–0Heracles AlmeloHardenberg
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Boshoek
AFC v PEC Zwolle
1 November 2023 AFC 1–0PEC ZwolleAmsterdam
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Goed Genoeg
RKVV DEM v VV Hoogeveen
1 November 2023 RKVV DEM 3–1VV HoogeveenBeverwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Adrichem
IJsselmeervogels v Sparta Rotterdam
1 November 2023 IJsselmeervogels0–2 Sparta Rotterdam Spakenburg
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Westmaat
VV Katwijk v SV TEC
1 November 2023 VV Katwijk 5–0SV TECKatwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Krom
Rijnsburgse Boys v Groningen
1 November 2023 Rijnsburgse Boys0–1 Groningen Rijnsburg
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Middelmors
RKAV Volendam v VV Eemdijk
1 November 2023 RKAV Volendam 5–0VV EemdijkVolendam
20:00 CET Stadium: KWABO-Stadion
Referee: https://int.soccerway.com/matches/2023/11/01/netherlands/knvb-beker/rkav-volendam-amateurs/eemdijk/4254851/
SVV Scheveningen v USV Hercules
1 November 2023 SVV Scheveningen0–0 (a.e.t.)
(3–4 p)
USV Hercules Scheveningen
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Houtrust
Sparta Nijkerk v Fortuna Sittard
1 November 2023 Sparta Nijkerk0–1 Fortuna Sittard Nijkerk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Ebbenhorst
Den Bosch v Excelsior
1 November 2023 Den Bosch1–2 (a.e.t.) Excelsior 's-Hertogenbosch
21:00 CET Report Stadium: De Vliert
Cambuur v MVV Maastricht
2 November 2023 Cambuur 4–1MVV MaastrichtLeeuwarden
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Cambuur Stadion
TOP Oss v Eindhoven
2 November 2023 TOP Oss0–1 Eindhoven Oss
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Frans Heesen Stadion
VV SJC v Willem II
2 November 2023 VV SJC1–3 Willem II Noordwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Gemeentelijk Sportpark SJC
NEC v Roda JC Kerkrade
2 November 2023 NEC 5–3Roda JC KerkradeNijmegen
21:00 CET Report Stadium: Goffertstadion
Excelsior Maassluis v Volendam
16 November 2023 Excelsior Maassluis 1–0VolendamMaassluis
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Dijkpolder

Second round

The second round consisted of 32 teams; the 27 winners from the first round, as well as the five Eredivisie clubs which automatically advanced to the second round due to their participation in European club competitions. The draw took place on 4 November 2023, with the matches being played on 19, 20, and 21 December 2023.

Quick Boys v De Graafschap
19 December 2023 Quick Boys 2–0De GraafschapKatwijk aan Zee
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Nieuw Zuid
Eindhoven v Fortuna Sittard
19 December 2023 Eindhoven0–2 Fortuna Sittard Eindhoven
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Jan Louwers Stadion
SV Spakenburg v Excelsior
19 December 2023 SV Spakenburg2–3 (a.e.t.) Excelsior Spakenburg
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Westmaat
Dordrecht v Cambuur
19 December 2023 Dordrecht0–3 Cambuur Dordrecht
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Matchoholic Stadion
RKVV DEM v Excelsior Maassluis
19 December 2023 RKVV DEM0–1 Excelsior Maassluis Beverwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Adrichem
Willem II v Groningen
19 December 2023 Willem II1–3 Groningen Tilburg
21:00 CET Report Stadium: Koning Willem II Stadion
ADO Den Haag v Sparta Rotterdam
20 December 2023 ADO Den Haag 2–0Sparta RotterdamThe Hague
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Bingoal Stadion
20 December 2023 GVVV1–6 NEC Veenendaal
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark Panhuis
RKAV Volendam v AFC
20 December 2023 RKAV Volendam0–1 AFC Volendam
20:00 CET Report Stadium: KWABO-Stadion
HHC Hardenberg v AZ
20 December 2023 HHC Hardenberg2–3 (a.e.t.) AZ Hardenberg
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Boshoek
Feyenoord v Utrecht
20 December 2023 Feyenoord 2–1UtrechtRotterdam
21:00 CET Report Stadium: De Kuip
USV Hercules v Ajax
21 December 2023 USV Hercules 3–2AjaxUtrecht
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Stadion Galgenwaard
Go Ahead Eagles v De Treffers
21 December 2023 Go Ahead Eagles 7–1De TreffersDeventer
20:00 CET Report Stadium: De Adelaarshorst
VV Katwijk v Almere City
21 December 2023 VV Katwijk1–2 Almere City Katwijk
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportpark De Krom
Vitesse v SC Heerenveen
21 December 2023 Vitesse 1–0SC HeerenveenArnhem
20:00 CET Report Stadium: GelreDome
PSV Eindhoven v Twente
17 January 2024 PSV Eindhoven 3–1TwenteEindhoven
21:00 CET Report Stadium: Philips Stadion
Attendance: 34,400
Referee: Jeroen Manschot

Round of 16

The 16 second round winners entered the Round of 16. The matches were played on 16, 17, 18, 24 and 25 January 2024.

Excelsior Maassluis v ADO Den Haag
16 January 2024 Excelsior Maassluis1–2 ADO Den Haag Rotterdam
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Het Kasteel
Excelsior v Groningen
16 January 2024 Excelsior0–2 Groningen Rotterdam
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Stadion Woudestein
AZ v Quick Boys
16 January 2024 AZ 3–3 (a.e.t.)
(4–2 p)
Quick BoysAlkmaar
21:00 CET Report Stadium: AFAS Stadion
NEC Nijmegen v Go Ahead Eagles
17 January 2024 NEC Nijmegen 2–1Go Ahead EaglesNijmegen
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Goffertstadion
Almere City v Fortuna Sittard
17 January 2024 Almere City1–2 Fortuna Sittard Almere
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Yanmar Stadion
Vitesse v AFC
18 January 2024 Vitesse 1–0AFCArnhem
18:45 CET Report Stadium: GelreDome
Feyenoord v PSV
24 January 2024 Feyenoord 1–0PSVRotterdam
20:00 CET Report Stadium: De Kuip
Attendance: 47,500
Referee: Dennis Higler
USV Hercules v Cambuur
25 January 2024 USV Hercules3–4 (a.e.t.) Cambuur Utrecht
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Sportcomplex Zoudenbalch


The eight Round of 16 winners entered the quarter-finals. The matches were played on 6, 7 and 8 February 2024.

NEC v ADO Den Haag
6 February 2024 NEC 3–0ADO Den HaagNijmegen
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Goffertstadion
Attendance: 10,651
Referee: Pol van Boekel
Cambuur v Vitesse
7 February 2024 Cambuur 3–1VitesseLeeuwarden
18:45 CET Report Stadium: Cambuur Stadion
Attendance: 9,697
Referee: Rob Dieperink
Feyenoord v AZ
7 February 2024 Feyenoord 2–0AZRotterdam
21:00 CET Report Stadium: De Kuip
Referee: Bas Nijhuis
Groningen v Fortuna Sittard
8 February 2024 Groningen 0–0 (a.e.t.)
(4–3 p)
Fortuna SittardGroningen
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Euroborg
Referee: Dennis Higler


The four quarter-final winners entered the semi-finals. The matches were played on 27 and 29 February 2024.

Cambuur v NEC
27 February 2024 Cambuur1–2 (a.e.t.) NEC Leeuwarden
20:00 CET Report Stadium: Cambuur Stadion
Referee: Sander van der Eijk
Feyenoord v Groningen
29 February 2024 Feyenoord 2–1GroningenRotterdam
20:00 CET Report Stadium: De Kuip
Referee: Danny Makkelie


The final was held between the two semi-final winners.

21 April 202418:00 UTC+02:00
De Kuip, RotterdamAttendance: 42,140Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük

Top scorers

As of 29 February 2024
Rank Player Club Goals
1 Norway Kornelius Normann Hansen Almere City 5
Netherlands Milan Smit Cambuur
3 Spain Rober NEC 4
Japan Koki Ogawa NEC
Netherlands Dave de Meij Blauw Geel '38
Netherlands Thomas de Vries DEM
Netherlands Sem van Duijn Quick Boys
8 Belgium Thibo Baeten Go Ahead Eagles 3
Netherlands Yannick Bouw Eemdijk
Norway Oliver Valaker Edvardsen Go Ahead Eagles
Netherlands Ahmed El Azzouti Spakenburg
Eritrea Medhanie Habtemariam Unitas
Netherlands Mouad Hassan OJC
Netherlands Dennis Knuiman IJsselmeervogels
Austria René Kriwak Dordrecht
Netherlands Tim Pieters Hercules
Netherlands Romano Postema Groningen
Netherlands Kaj Sierhuis Fortuna Sittard
Netherlands Pelle van Amersfoort SC Heerenveen
Latvia Roberts Uldriķis Cambuur


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