Chimera Linux

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OS familyLinux (Unix-like)
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Latest releaseRolling release / 21 April 2024 (2024-04-21)
Marketing targetGeneral purpose
Package managerapk-tools, cports
Platformsx86-64, aarch64, ppc64le, ppc64, RISC-V
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
user interface
GNOME Shell, Almquist shell

Chimera Linux is an independent Linux distribution that aims to be practical while requiring the least amount of complexity or configuration to do so. It uses userland tools from FreeBSD, the musl C library, the LLVM toolchain as the foundation of the system, providing an alternative to GNU-based systems, but without explicitly excluding GNU or GPL software. It also aims to re-think various aspects of common Linux distributions, as well as provide stronger security hardening than usual.


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