Appearance move to sidebar hide Mobilinux
DeveloperMontaVista Software
OS familyLinux (Unix-like)
Working stateDiscontinued
Source modelOpen source
Latest release5.0 / 5.0.24
Marketing targetEmbedded system
PlatformsARM architecture
Kernel typeMonolithic kernel

Mobilinux is a discontinued Linux distribution by MontaVista. It was announced on April 25, 2005.


In 2005, PalmSource joined MontaVista to collaborate on Mobilinux.

In April 2005, version 4.0 was released. In 2007, version 5.0 was released.


Around 35 million devices have run on Mobilinux, mainly in Asian markets. argued that because it was controlled by a single company and targeted mobile operators, it did not generated a large developer community. It has been used on smartphones and NAS devices. The Motorola used Mobilinux in their MotoMagx OS, for example Motorola ROKR.

Hardware support

It had support for the Freescale's i.MX31 chipset.

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