Inner Mongolian People's Republic

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Inner Mongolian People's Republic內蒙古人民共和國ᠪᠦᠭᠦᠳᠡ
Бүгд Найрамдах Өвөр Монгол Ард Улс
Flag of Inner Mongolian People's Republic Flag Emblem of Inner Mongolian People's Republic Emblem
CapitalSonid Right Banner
Common languagesMongolian, Chinese
GovernmentSocialist republic
Historical eraChinese Civil War
• Established 9 September 1945
• Disestablished 6 November 1945
Preceded by Succeeded by
Soviet occupation of Manchuria
Communist-controlled China (1927–1949)
Today part ofChina

The Inner Mongolian People's Republic was a state in Inner Mongolia founded shortly after the Second World War. It existed from 9 September 1945 until 6 November 1945.


During the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese established a puppet state in Inner Mongolia called Mengjiang. Mengjiang was disbanded by the invasion of Soviet and Mongolian troops in August 1945. On 9 September 1945, a congress of "People's Representatives" was held in what is now the Sonid Right Banner. The congress was attended by representatives, 80 of them, from the Chahar, Xilingol, and Siziwang areas. The congress proclaimed the Inner Mongolian People's Republic, and a provisional government of 27 members were elected, of whom 11 were in the Standing Committee.

The Chinese Communist Party took notice of the government, fearing separatism. The CCP sent Ulanhu to take control of the situation, and he ordered the Inner Mongolian government to be dissolved. The region was later organised as the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region.

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